Made with Slint

Cargo UI

SixtyFPS GmbH

Screenshot of Cargo UI

A GUI frontend for Cargo.

License: MIT / Apache 2.0


Jocelyn Turcotte

Screenshot of Chiptrack

A cross-platform sequencer and synthesizer based on the emulation of the Game Boy sound chip.

License: MIT


Gaspard Culis

Screenshot of Tetris

A Tetris remake that's using Slint for the user interface.

License: MIT


Florian Fetz

ImageSieve is a GUI based tool to assist in sorting images based on taken date and similarity, categorize them according to their creation date and archive them in a target folder.

License: GPL3.0


Danil Gulin

Screenshot of GamePad Controlled Launcher

GamePad Controlled Launcher - Simple application launcher that can be controlled with a gamepad. It is designed to be a media center home screen.

License: MIT

Coop Widgets


The goal with coop_widgets is to provide a custom widget and components library for Slint with a simple, consistence and clean design. The second goal is to serve as an example how to implement a widget library with Slint based on a custom design system.

License: MIT


Guillaume VDK

Mastermind or Master Mind is a code-breaking game for two players.


Project Trains

Crossplatform game launcher made for Project Trains simulator.



The Damn Stylish Pomodoro Timer

License: GPL 3.0


YiFei Sheng

SurrealismUI is a third-party component library built entirely using Slint. Components follow and use Fluent2 design style.

License: MIT

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