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EV Charger

SK Signet

Picture of HMI on EV Chargers from SK Signet
SK Signet, the no.1 EV (Electric Vehicle) charging solutions provider in the U.S., launched a new HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) which scales to both 15-inch and 32-inch touch displays that are installed on their EV chargers.

License: Proprietary

DAW Plugin


Picture of WesAudio DAW Eclipse EQS
WesAudio, a leading manufacturer of professional audio equipment, revamped their limited edition products, _HYPERION and _PROMETHEUS with a complete redesign of their digital audio workstation (DAW) plugin user interface, enhancing the overall user experience and functionality.

License: Proprietary


Thorbjørn Lindeijer

Screenshot of Raccoin

Raccoin makes it easy to see the current state and the history of your crypto portfolio and to generate relevant reports for declaring capital gain income tax.

License: GPL 3.0

Fractal Explorer

Brian O'Clair

Screenshot of Fractal Explorer

Explore the relationship between Mandelbrot and Julia Fractals: click, zoom, etc.

License: MIT


YiFei Sheng

Image of SurrealismUI
SurrealismUI is a third-party component library built entirely using Slint. Components follow and use Fluent2 design style.

License: MIT


Arun PK

Screenshot of tymoz

tymoz is a simple and intuitive application built using Rust for the backend and SlintUI for the user interface. This application helps you to display and manage the time for various cities across different time zones.

License: MIT



Image of The Damn Stylish Pomodoro Timer

The Damn Stylish Pomodoro Timer

License: GPL 3.0

Cargo UI

SixtyFPS GmbH

Screenshot of Cargo UI

A GUI frontend for Cargo.

License: MIT / Apache 2.0



Image of Tomotroid Timer

A clean themeable pomodoro timer

License: MIT


Jocelyn Turcotte

Screenshot of Chiptrack

A cross-platform sequencer and synthesizer based on the emulation of the Game Boy sound chip.

License: MIT

Parch Welcome (dorood)


Screenshot of welcome app in ParchLinux

Parch dorood (/do-rood/, درود, pronunciation) which is a Persian word for "Greetings", is a welcome app in the Parch distribution.

License: GPL3.0


Florian Loers

Screenshot of Ordinary shell

Ordinary is a compositor and shell written in slint that aims e-paper devices like the remarkable 2 tablet.

License: GPL3.0


Gaspard Culis

Screenshot of Tetris

A Tetris remake that's using Slint for the user interface.

License: MIT


Florian Fetz

Image of ImageSieve application

ImageSieve is a GUI based tool to assist in sorting images based on taken date and similarity, categorize them according to their creation date and archive them in a target folder.

License: GPL3.0


Danil Gulin

Screenshot of GamePad Controlled Launcher

GamePad Controlled Launcher - Simple application launcher that can be controlled with a gamepad. It is designed to be a media center home screen.

License: MIT



Screenshot of coop widgets

Coop is a custom widget and component library for Slint with a custom simple, consistence and clean design.

License: MIT



Screenshot of coop_lcoal

coop_local is a cross platform file manager build with Slint and coop.

License: GPL 3.0


Guillaume VDK

Animated gif of Mastermind game

Mastermind or Master Mind is a code-breaking game for two players.


Project Trains

Screenshot of Project Trains Launcher

Crossplatform game launcher made for Project Trains simulator.



Carousel Demo with the BSP-STM32F429-DK

A Rust Board Support Package (BSP) and Example Application Slint UI for STM32F429-Discovery Kit.

License: MPL-2.0


vivi developers

Screenshot of vivi gallery

vivi is a custom component library for Slint.

License: MIT

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